A Bride’s Guide to Dieting: 8 Amazing Tips

A Bride’s Guide to Dieting: 8 Amazing Tips

It is perhaps every girl’s dream to look beautiful on their wedding day. Of course you’d want to show off a more healthy and fit figure on that day. That’s why getting hitched is one of the best times to lose those few extra pounds and bulges.

You’re probably stressing about how you’re going to fit into your perfect wedding dress, aren’t you? Well, it CAN be done! Yes, we know that losing weight isn’t a walk in the park, and it doesn’t just happen in a snap. And we don’t have a fairy godmother that can make us look like a princess with a wave of a magic wand. But with the right tools and attitude, you can definitely achieve your desired dress size just in time for your I Dos. It does require careful planning, determination, and discipline though. Here are some amazing tips to help you get into that one-of-a-kind elegant wedding gown of your dreams.

Watch Your Calories

Have a caloric intake goal based on your needs and body type. Make sure it’s achievable and realistic enough to follow on a daily basis. One common mistake people tend to make is they drastically and abruptly cut calories by skipping meals. You have to manage what you eat in a day without starving yourself. You can do this by choosing low calorie foods. If you eat those, you’ll even have room to spare for a favorite snack or dessert. Just be sure to count your calories.

Go for Small Frequent Meals

Studies show that eating smaller meals more often, like 6 times a day, is better than eating 3 full meals. When you give time for your stomach to feel empty, this slows down the metabolism process. Then when it’s finally time to eat, you tend to overindulge and the food you ate will most likely be stored as fat. But when you keep eating throughout the day, it hastens your metabolism and you’ll have lesser chances of gaining weight.

So every time you feel the urge to eat, snack on healthy low calorie foods. Keep on eating to feel full and have more energy throughout the day.

More Home Cooked Meals

It’s no secret that eating out at restaurants and fast food joints will make you fat. A better option is for you to cook your own delicious and healthy meals. When you cook food yourself, you are in control of the ingredients and the manner in which it is going to be cooked. So plan for your meals by stocking up your kitchen with fresh and organic foods. Also, choose to cook it through roasting, steaming or stir frying. Even if you have the healthiest of foods, if you cook it in a deep fryer, you’ll still gain those calories.

 Follow Your Metabolism Type

We all have different body types as well as different metabolism types. Some people may find a diet regime to work perfectly for them, while others who tried the same arrive with no results at all. That’s because you’re not catering to your specific metabolism type. You should understand what type you are and eat the right kind of foods. If you do this, you’ll see a significant increase in your metabolic rate, thus leading to a slimmer and healthier you.

Always Have Healthy Snacks On Hand


As a bride, you’ll be on the go most of the time during the preparation period. You have to know how smart snacking works and make it work for you. Take with you fiber-rich munchies that will not only make you feel satiated longer, but also help promote healthy digestion. Snacking on fruits, veggies, cereals, whole grain products will prevent you from constantly wanting to munch on unhealthy snacks.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Getting closer to the date means more parties and gatherings with family and friends. When you choose a drink, go for those that have low sugar and calorie content. Juices and sodas are loaded with sugar, so just stick to sparkling water instead. If you want to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, go for white wine spritzers instead of your favorite mocktails or cocktails. Also remember to hydrate with lots of water. Drinking green tea also helps to eliminate toxins from the body and helps you shed the extra calories you ate in the party.

Try to Be Stress-Free

Yes, it’s quite impossible for a bride to be totally stress-free during the planning phase. But you can try to manage it as best you can. Don’t let the stress get to you, especially if you’re way of managing it is to stuff your mouth with your favorite comfort foods. Many studies show that the hormone cortisol is released when a person is stressed out. Cortisol promotes fat storage in your body, so more of it will most likely pull you further away from your slimming goals. Instead of stressing over every little detail, enjoy the experience of planning and making your dream wedding a reality.

Get Enough Sleep

Aside from providing you with your much needed beauty rest, getting enough sleep also helps you lose weight. If you’re always having interrupted sleep, or even insomnia, you hormones go crazy. Your leptin levels go down while your gherlin levels soar high. The hormone leptin is responsible for making you feel satiated, while the hormone gherlin makes you feel hungry. So if you go on without getting much sleep, you not only feel tired and cranky, but also get more hungry. Try to make your sleeping space as conducive to sleep as possible. Maybe a hot bath, a massage, a dark room, some relaxing music, and aromatherapy will do the trick!