5 Must-Dos When Working Out on a Hot Day

5 Must-Dos When Working Out on a Hot Day

Combat the Heat While Exercising

It’s that time of year again when the sun shines its brightest. The sweltering heat of summer will make you think twice about going outside and doing your regular workout routines. Although the heat will pose as an added challenge, don’t stop exercising just because it’s hot outside. Yes, the heat may cause you to sweat more and leave you very uncomfortable, you may even get sunburned. Ouch!

But don’t sweat about the heat! All you have to do is make some changes to your daily workout routine and better equip yourself to manage the rise in temperature! Here are 5 MUST-DOS for working out during a hot day:

#1: Adjust Your Workout Schedule – Choose a different time to do your workouts. Don’t do it when the sun is at its hottest (like noontime or early afternoon). Do it when the sun has barely risen or right after it has set. Working out very early in the morning allows you to start your day with a boost of energy. You’ll also feel accomplished knowing that you’ve already achieved your fitness goals for the day. If you’re really not a morning person, you can also opt to exercise in the evening, as soon as the sun goes down. Just make sure you pick a time that’s cooler.

#2: Keep Yourself Hydrated – We can’t stress this enough! You sweat more when it’s hot, so you lose more fluids faster. That’s why it’s very important to keep hydrated. Always have your water bottle handy throughout your workout, and even throughout the day. If you’re not carrying a bag, there are so many water bottles out in the market that are designed to be carried on your wrist or waist. Another thing many athletes do is take water with electrolytes to keep the balance in the body.

#3: Dress Appropriately – and we don’t mean wrapping yourself in tight fitting leggings and long sleeve shirts. You should wear clothes that will not contribute to the heat, but rather, make you feel cooler. You can wear tank tops, t-shirts and shorts, even visors and hats as long as they are moisture wicking clothes. For the parts of your body that will be exposed directly to the sun, make sure to put a good kind of sunscreen. It’s very important to do so or else you’ll get a nasty burn, and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

#4: Keep Your Head Wet – Many runners do this and it has worked for them, especially during long distance runs. Before doing your exercises, wet your hair with water. This keeps your scalp cool, and ultimately makes you feel way better. Doing anything with a hot head (literally) will just lead you to a bad mood and frustration.

#5: Go to the Water Instead – When it’s too hot to bear, why not take your workout to the pool or beach. You can go swimming or do another water related activity that will equally make you use your muscles and break a sweat. If you’re in to water sports, you can go surfing or paddle-boarding. Another alternative is water running. It’s just like running but you ultimately exert more effort due to the weight of the water. If you haven’t thought of these before, why not try them out the next time it’s too hot to workout outside.

In Conclusion

The key to working out in the heat is to come prepared! Yes, it will be more challenging compared to normal days where the sun is not scorching hot, but you can manage it as long as you take extra care. You should also know your limits. If your body tells you it can’t go any further, listen! Just adjust your routines according to what you think you can do given the heat.

Do you know of other ways you can work out in the heat? We want to know how you do it. Please leave a comment below.