5 Exercises for Morton’s Neuroma Feet & Strengthening!

Mortons Neuroma Exercises

5 Exercises for Morton’s Neuroma Feet & Strengthening!

Morton’s neuroma is basically a growth of nerve tissue (non-cancerous) that develops in the foot, usually between the third and fourth toes.

It is actually a very common condition and can cause a lot of pain in the foot.

There is surgery available to treat this ailment but you should first try other treatment methods and home remedies.

In this article we are going to talk about some ways you can treat mortons neuroma at home that may work and keep you from having to have surgery.

Here are 5 Exercises for Morton’s Neuroma to Strengthen and Relieve Pain:


Stretching the connective tissues in the foot can help relieve some of the stress places on your neuroma.

Here are a few stretches that you can do:

Manual Plantar Fascia Stretch – To do this you grasp one heel in your hand and place the other hand under the ball of your foot and toes.

Gently pull your forefoot and toes backward toward your shin. You will feel the stretch on the bottom of your foot and it should feel good.

Wall Stretch – Face a wall with your feet about shoulder width apart and put your hands on the wall at shoulder height. Step back with your right foot and bend your knees toward the wall. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and switch legs.

Bottle Roll – Using a glass bottle, roll the bottle back and forth along the bottom of your foot.


Strengthening exercises help strengthen the muscle around and on your foot making it more capable of withstanding stress.

Figure Eight – Lead with your big toe and complete a figure-eight pattern with your foot. Move your foot through the largest range of motion that you are capable of.

Alphabet Exercise – Leading with your big toe, write the alphabet in the air with your foot.

Towel Scrunch – Place a towel flat on the floor and put your foot on the end of the towel that is closest to you. Using your toes, pull the towel towards you.

Balance Exercises

Improved balance will increase your ability to perform activity in proper motion.

Single Foot Balance Exercise – Stand on one foot and balance for as long as you are able. Switch feet and repeat.

Toe Raises – Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, raise up onto your toes. You may do this with your eyes closed for increased difficulty.


Simply just massaging the foot and effected toes will help with symptoms caused by mortons neuroma.

Massage the top and bottom of the foot all the way to the toes in an elongated motion.

Even massage up the ankles and legs to get the full length of the muscles and tendons.

Resting the Foot

Although this isn’t an exercise, it needs to be done.

All of the above are important but when the pain is too difficult or not improving, sometimes rest is what you actually need.

Wearing proper footwear is also extremely important because they provide the proper arch support that you need.

StyleWithinReach.net has a Good guide featuring the Best Shoes for Mortons Neuroma.

Brands like OrthoFeet make shoes specifically designed for those with Mortons Neuroma.

Wearing heels with Mortons Neuroma can be extremely painful but wearing these Ball of Foot Gel pads found at Target can help.

As always, be sure to consult your physician if you have prolonged pain and discomfort caused by mortons neuroma.

They will be able to offer other suggestions and treatment options.