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At Active Sefton we want to make sure that everyboy can access our leisure facilities. We understand that having discounts can also help make a difference when you're deciding whether to visit. That's why we have the Active Choices card, a discount card that means you can get money off at your local leisure centre, library and activity sessions.

Who Can Apply?

Level 1 can be obtained by all Sefton residents age 60 and above, anyone who is a serving member of the armed forces or those who are in receipt of any of the services listed in the Active Choices eligibility criteria documentation. 

Upon approval of your application you will receive up to 40% in discounts at the following locations:

Level 2 is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a resident of Sefton. Upon approval of your application you will receive up to 25% in discounts at the following locations:

  • Active Sefton Leisure Centres
  • Sefton Libraries
  • Southport Municipal Golf
  • Sefton's Crown and Flat Green Bowls



How do I join?

To join Active Choices just complete the Active Choices application form, also available at any Active Sefton leisure centre or Sefton library, and bring a copy of your eligibility (Level 1 only), along with the application fee to your local Active Sefton leisure centre or Sefton library. To locate the Active Sefton leisure centre or library nearest you, click here.

If you have previously had an Active Sefton Leisure Passport, return your card to the nearest leisure centre or library, complete the application form and application fee.

Please note all application fees are annual and your Active Choices membership card will need to be renewed after 12 months.

Want more information?

Contact Details:

Active Choices, Active Sefton 

Phone: 0151 934 4092

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sefton Library Service: 0151 934 4741


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