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We have a large range of equipment. Join us, become a member and contribute to your fitness quotient everyday.

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The secret to great health comes along with the diet that you consume. Make sure that you focus on a square meal and get back your lost fitness.

How to Join Active Sefton

Are you looking to join your local Active Sefton leisure facility?

Well first of all, great choice!

What you need to join?

Ring the centre of your choice and arrange to have an induction at a time that suits you.

  • Take along your bank details in order to set up your direct debit – monthly payments.
  • Valid ID for Student Memberships.

With our fitness suite memberships you have the choice to use all 6 of our centres for one monthly cost.

We have a membership for everyone, one might suit you better than another so you have the flexibility to pick what suits your needs!

Don’t forget that from April 1st you can also get your ACTIVE CHOICE CARDS for discounts across a range of leisure services in Sefton.

Club Development

The Active Sports team can assist with funding and other club development needs that voluntary sports clubs in Sefton might have.

Volunteer Development

We are looking for people aged 14+ who are enthusiastic and passionate in sport and recreation. We want to recruit people who are reliable and willing to complete hours on a regular basis.


Coach Education

Throughout the year, Sefton Council offers courses to those who would like further educuation and /or training.

Courses can last from a few hours, to one day and up to 3 weeks with intervals.

11 Ways to Lose Abdominal Fat

Here are my ten ideas on the best ways to lose abdominal fat.

1. First of all, this is probably the most common sense, but also the hardest thing to avoid. Avoid the candy island in the supermarket.

2. Consider hiring a personal trainer in San Diego. Having someone accountable for your actions is best.

3. Make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat only good fats like olive oil and stay away from fried foods. Eliminate alcohol and processed sugars. This will reduce the fat around your waistline as well as inside your arteries.

4. Protein intake must be made up of fish, seafood, poultry, turkey, and eggs will help you maintain muscle mass and also give you more energy.

5. Foods that are high in fiber help with the proper digestion of foods and make your body low in fat. Once again fruits, vegetables, and beans should be included in your diet.

6. One of the best ways to lose abdominal weight is to do short and intense exercise that accelerates the process of fat burning.

7. Skipping meals slows your metabolism eating regularly a small meal every 3-5 hours.

8. Consume 6-10 glasses of water a day, which helps you stay hydrated and eliminate toxins. This is a common thing to do before you start your diet to lose weight. Prepare a drink of lemon juice, ginger, and honey mixed with water, and drink this drink along the day, when you are hungry.

9. Some recommend stopping eating after 7 pm and others say nothing to eat after midnight. There are many reasons for this during the night, metabolism slows down and does not burn calories as effectively as it does at during the day.

10. Keeping a diary of what you eat, your sleeping habits and your weight are an ideal method to keep track of your progress.

11. And of course, stay motivated and coherent. Set a specific goal and reward yourself when you realize it!

Types Of Leisure Activities

All of us have some or the other favourite activity that we do leisurely. Most of us have space for recreation, and we do them because we love them. It can be anything ranging from something as tough as mountaineering or as deep as flipping through the pages of a novel, all of these are considered as leisure activities. So we are generally trying to classify the leisure activities and here is the list.

Leisure activities can be classified into two main types: Performing Activities and Commercial Recreation.

Performing Activities:

The performing activities are the ones that involve physical activity as in playing a sport, taking a walk or anything that involves physical activity. We also include other indoor activities such as reading a book, playing an instrument and so on. Just because we meant physical activities, they need not have to be hard and exerting. Even things like sleeping and listening to music are considered as performing activities. There is also one more reason as to why we call them performing activities. It is because they definitely aren’t commercial recreation, and thereby they go under this category.

Commercial recreation:

Commercial recreation includes the fun that you have paying money and visiting a theme park or going on a tour. This also includes public recreation as in touring or visiting a historic site. In general, the recreational activities that fall here are the activities that monetarily benefit a third party. These are the recreations that we call as commercial recreations. Commercial recreation is usually something that people take up not too regularly. It means that people do not do it quite often. Visiting an amusement park or going to a place on tour is something that you would occasionally do. That is why we call it commercial. You get to do it only when you have funds.

Leisure centres:

Having said all this, it is important that you know about leisure centres as well. If you are someone who loves to do something leisurely, but you simply do not find the time and space, then you must definitely know about leisure centres also known as leisure facilities. These leisure facilities are ideas of the western world. They are public spaces just like a park or a gym. They are built with different facilities as in swimming pool, a soccer field, space for hockey and other sports, and much more. Being a part of these leisure centres will help you a lot with spending your leisure time ideally.

The best life hack:

Someone told me that the best hack that you will ever have to know is that every person should have three hobbies in life one for fun, one for fitness and one for funds. Find three hobbies and make sure that with one hobby you earn money, with one you keep yourself fit and with the other one you find peace and pleasure. This way you can always lead an ideal life.

What Is Meant By Leisure Facilities?

Leisure is an important factor in all our lives. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, and same is the case with all of us. We have to get rid of all the mundane activities and engage ourselves in something that will distract us and keep us healthy and fresh both mentally and physically. But sometimes we just do not get the right time, or we simply do not know how to indulge ourselves in pleasure activity. So here is one article that is going to talk about the different things that you need to understand about leisure activities and leisure facilities.

Leisure activities:

Leisure activities are the different types of activities that you are involved in to keep yourself occupied in your pastime. It can be something as simple as reading a book or as fearsome as walking on your rope, as long as you are doing it for pleasure and not for any financial benefit, it is going to be a leisure activity. But like we hinted earlier, all of us realise the need for getting into some leisure activities but little do we have the time and the options to accomplish them. All of us like to do something leisurely. It is just that we do not get time or we do not have space. But what if we have a separate space that can let us do what we want and give us the time that we need as well, then that is what you call a leisure facility.

Leisure facility:

A leisure facility is a centre that provides the facility that you will need to keep yourself fit and occupied with something that you like. The leisure facility is something that was originated in the west where you will have a space for swimming and for playing your favourite sport. This continues even today, and the other part of the world has also learnt to adopt this practice. There are leisure centres and facilities that lets you do things for both pleasure and fitness. Leisure centres have space for both entertainment and fitness. High-end leisure centres also have space for sports like golf, soccer and even a steam room.

Why a leisure facility?

It is true that you need not have to spend your bucks and find pleasure in something you like. Instead, you can do that at home as well. But the thing is that we never allocate time for fitness or our hobbies. We are caught up in the cobweb of this busy life cycle, and we never get time or space to do what we like. That is why these leisure facilities started playing a major role just like the gyms. Being a part of it is a reminder of the fact that you will have to do it and do not waste your money. This way you can engage yourself in what you like the ideal way.


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I am a middle-aged person and fitness has always been a question mark. But after I joined Active Sefton, my dream fitness can back to reality. Thanks to Active Selfton.

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All my life I have been a fitness freak. Sadly I lost track of my fitness due to improper diet. Thankfully, with the help of Active Sefton I was able to regain the lost energy and fitness.


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